Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts Classes for Adults & Families

Traditional Classes in Okinawan KARATEKOBUDO (Martial Arts Weapons), SELF-DEFENSE & Japanese SAMURAI ARTS at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate (a.k.a. Arizona Hombu Dojo) at the border of Mesa with Gilbert and Chandler in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. 

Just like Mr. Miyagi, we teach traditional Shorin-Ryu karate & kobudo for self-defense & self-improvement, not sport


Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai (TM)

Top-Rated Classes in the Phoenix valley for Adults & Families from beginner to the most advanced black belt

Proudly affiliated with Juko Kai International, Seiyo Kai International & Arizona Karate Federation

Stop in & see why we have the top-rated classes in the Phoenix Valley & meet our 16-time, Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster, "Instructor of the Year", "International Instructor of the Year", "Grandmaster Instructor of the Year", "Top-Grandmaster" & "Grandmaster of the Year"

If you can find anyone in the Phoenix valley who loves to teach martial arts more - we highly recommend you sign up for those classes

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Arizona School of Traditional Karate

60 W. Baseline Rd, Suite 106

Mesa, AZ 85210

Ph: 480-294-1001