Traditional Okinawa Karate, Kobudo, Samurai Arts, Self-Defense Classes & Clinics 
Adults, Families, Seniors, Veterans, Church Groups, Women's Clubs, Public Schools 

KARATEKOBUDO, SELF-DEFENSE & SAMURAI ARTS at the our Hombu dojo in Gilbert-Mesa, Arizona. Just like Mr. Miyagi, we teach traditional Shorin-Ryu karate & kobudo.

Our classes are designed for beginner to the most advanced black belt. We are proudly affiliated with Juko Kai International.

Stop in & see why we have the top-rated classes in the Phoenix Valley. Train with 16-time, Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster, "Instructor of the Year", "International Instructor of the Year", "Grandmaster Instructor of the Year", "Top-Grandmaster" , "Grandmaster of the Year" & Who's Who in Martial Arts.

"Welcome to our Hombu dojo in the East Valley of Phoenix, I look forward to meeting & training you" - Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo Grandmaster Soke Hausel, North American Black Belt Hall-of-Fame member, World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall-of-Fame member & Former Professor of Martial Arts at the University of Wyoming. "I follow the philosophy of many great Okinawan martial artists such as Gichin Funakoshi who stated, "the purpose of karate lies not for victory or defeat, but in the perfection of its participants". 

We will teach you how to defend yourself.