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Arizona Traditional Karate Demonstration Scheduled

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Members of the Arizona Hombu Dojo have been invited to present a traditional Okinawan martial arts demonstration to assist in raising money for Pediatric Autoimmune Neurological Disorders at the HUMI event in Carefree, Arizona on March 12th, 2016.


The demonstration will be led by Black Belt Hall-of-Fame inductee Soke (Grandmaster) Hausel and members of the Arizona Hombu Dojo, Chandler, Gilbert & Mesa Arizona. Soke Hausel is a former professor of martial arts at the University of Wyoming, where he taught a variety of martial arts for 3 decades and has more a martial artist for more than 5 decades. He is a member of several Halls-of-Fame for martial arts, education and geological sciences. Soke Hausel is the world head of Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai and an active member of Juko Kai International.


Accompanying Soke Hausel will be Dr. Neal Adam (6th dan) (a professor at Grand Canyon University), Sensei Bill Borea (3rd dan) (retired air force pilot), Paula Borea (2nd dan) (a Japanese American of Samurai Heritage), Patrick Scofield (2nd dan) (an engineer), Ryan Harden (2nd dan), as well as student members Dennis Ingram, Suzette Denvir, John Denvir, Rihanna Denvir and Amira Rodriguez.

The 25 minute demonstration will include Japanese samurai sword and halberd (naginata), Okinawan kobudo (peasant weapons), Okinawan karate and Okinawan Shitai Kori (body hardening). While at the University of Wyoming, Soke Hausel and his students presented many very popular karate demonstrations at UW’s men’s and women’s basketball games.


Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa Karate Instructor Awarded Professor of Martial Arts & Science

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Few in history have been selected as a PROFESSOR OF MARTIAL ARTS and also a PROFESSOR OF SCIENCE. But over-achiever and polymath" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Dan Hausel of Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona has been selected for both honors due to his numerous contributions and expertise in both Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo and also in the Geological Sciences

Grandmaster Hausel of traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo has been teaching martial arts for more than 4 decades and training in the martial arts for more than decades. As a geoscientist, Professor Hausel has explored and found many diamond, gemstone and gold deposits over the past four decades including some world-class deposits.


Grandmaster Hausel received legitimate certifications and papers as the grandmaster of Shorin-Ryu Karate (Seiyo-Kai) in 1999 at the Juko Kai International Hombu dojo. His certification as Grandmaster was presented from Zen Kokusai Soke Budo Bugei Renmei by Dai-Soke Sacharnoski, 12th dan and yudansha certification was authorized by Dai-Soke Sacharnoski of the US and by Soke Shian Toma (10th dan) of Okinawa. Additional certifications were presented by other martial arts organizations and Soke Hausel was later selected as a member of the US Soke Council. He also graduated in geology from the University of Utah in 1972 and in 1974 and since worked for the US Geological Survey, the Wyoming Geological Survey, University of Wyoming and as a consulting for many diamond and gold companies.


For many years, Soke Hausel has been recognized as a polymath of martial arts, geological sciences and education. He continues educating the public on karate and geological sciences through teaching classes, clinics, public lectures, websites and books.


Recently, he was selected for the 'Leonardo Da Vinci Award' (a polymath) in 2015 and now has been selected for HONORARY PROFESSOR OF SCIENCE for 2016. In 1997, Grandmaster Hausel was awarded 'Kyoju no Budo' by Juko Kai International which translates as Professor of Martial Arts while he was teaching martial arts and self-defense classes and clinics at the University of Wyoming.


Hausel received notification of the selection from Nicholas Law, Director General, Cambridge England on Dec. 18th, 2015 - "... Only a very select few are to be honoured in this way and each recepient has been handpicked by the Appointments Board of which I have the pleasure to be Chairman. The selection processs in clear: a receipient must show the very highest level of achievement within the field of science and must be seen as an authority within his field of expertise. ...".


Mesa Arizona Karate Instructor Selected for International Award

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Photo shows Grandmaster Hausel of Gilbert, Arizona celebrating Halloween at the Arizona Hombu in Mesa, Arizona

Nicholas S. Law, Director General for the Awards Board for the International Biographical Center in Cambridge England wrote to Grandmaster Hausel in Mesa Arizona on June 26th, 2015. In his letter he stated:


“To achieve what you have, to scale the heights from which you inspire and lead by the standards you have attained are no ordinary accomplishments … As an existing Man of the Year the Awards Board of the IBC have decided to bestow on you, as respected and trusted friend of the IBC, the auspicious and beautiful Da Vinci Diamond.”


“Leonardo Da Vinci was chosen as the inspiration for the award due to his world renowned accomplishments in many different disciplines. I feel most reassured that by selecting you as the Da Vinci Laureate in recognition of your varied talents we are keeping to the register of his memory…”


“….Your avocation, enthusiasm and reputation are responsible for this magnificent recognition.”


Professor Hausel accumulated a bibliography of almost unachievable size - an author of more than 1,000 publications; author, co-author and contributor to 100 books. As a geoscientist, you inspired many with your discoveries including one of the largest gold deposits in the world, some of the largest colored gemstone deposits ever to be found, and then there are the diamond deposits mapped and found by you. As a public speaker, you presented lectures all over North America. As a geologist you mapped more than 1,000 square kilometers of virgin ground. You are an artist of vision with dozens of detailed works. As a martial artist, you accumulated more than a dozen black belts, the highest rank in the world in Shorin-Ryu Karate (Seiyo-Kai), have been certified as Sokeshodai (grandmaster), and awarded Martial Arts Genius for your many accomplishments over five decades, and others inducted you into 16 halls of fame for unmatched martial arts and teaching skills, geological knowledge, and more.