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Arizona Karate Instructor Nominated for International Awards

Posted on May 27, 2017 at 7:55 PM

Arizona Karate Instructor Nominated for Two International Awards

May 28, 2017   Business News

Arizona Karate Instructor - Dan Hausel, Soke - has been selected for the 'Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award' and the 'Cambridge Certificate for Outstanding Scientific Achievement' by Marquis Who's Who, Princeton, N.J., and the International Biographical Institute, Cambridge, England. These are considered very unusual awards for any karate instructor.

But, Grandmaster (Soke) Dan Hausel, who operates a martial arts school for adults in Mesa Arizona is a polymath - a person who reached the highest level of achievement in more than one discipline. While at the University of Wyoming and working for the Wyoming Geological Survey, he was twice inducted in Halls-of-Fame for contributions to martial arts and geological sciences in the same year. He is now a member of more than a dozen Halls of Fame for both martial arts and geology.

As a martial artist, he reached the highest level in traditional karate when in 1999, he was certified as grandmaster of Seiyo no Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai (TM) while at the University of Wyoming. Soke Hausel has been a martial artist for more than 5 decades and continues to teach in Mesa, Arizona. In recent years, he was awarded 'Martial Arts Genius' by Juko Kai International which recognized his vast array of martial arts achievements over the past 50 years.

As a geologist, he authored hundreds of papers and books on geology and mineral deposits, identified hundreds of gold, diamond and gemstone deposits and anomalies. In 2009, he and six of his colleagues were recognized for discovery of one of the largest gold deposits on earth at Donlin Creek, Alaska in 1988 and presented the highest award for an economic geologist - the Thayer Lindsey Award.


His contributions are summarized at a number of wiki sites including everipedia. Along with geology and martial arts, Hausel is also an artist, writer, public speaker, and worked in the past as a professional musician and professional astronomer. He has been awarded black belt ranks in several martial arts and more than a decade ago, was awarded Kyoju no Budo (professor of martial arts) after achieving high-level black belt ranks in a half-dozen martial arts and teaching karate, kobudo, jujutsu, samurai arts and self-defense at the University of Wyoming. Previously, he had taught karate at the University of New Mexico and University of Utah. Soke Hausel indicates he could not have accomplished anything without the blessings of God, and owes everything to the Creator.

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