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Posted on January 20, 2012 at 9:40 AM

In any traditional martial art, it is important to look for dedication in students. Most Soke (grandmasters) look for students who are going to pass on his martial art to the next generation in tact. As various students are promoted to yudansha, it is always the hope and desire of a Soke that these people are the most dedicated of all and all of these yudansha will continue to train in martial arts. Unfortunately, this does not happen, and we find many yudansha (black belts) quit after receiving their 1st degree black belt. This is a problem of one setting their goals too low in life and a goal needs to be set to reach the level of Shihan.

Shihan is the ultimate goal in martial arts as it indicates that the student has essentially master the martial art and has demonstrated excellent qualities in teaching and spreading the philosophy of the martial art to others. Because the martial art is essentially the creative work of the Soke, only a Soke can grant a Shihan liscense to martial arts. Others who teach in traditional martial arts can award ranks up to two ranks beneath their current rank, but the title of Shihan is limited to the choice of the Soke.


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