Arizona Martial Arts Class Schedule and Fees


5:30-6:30 pm
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Family Karate Class
          Samurai Arts
 MA Clinics
6:35-7:35 pm
 Beginning - Intermediate
 Self-Defense Class
 Okinawan Kobudo (Martial Arts Weapons) Class
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7:30-7:45 pm
 Advanced Karate & Kata Class
         Personal Training
         Personal Training
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Our karate and martial arts classes are for adults & families. 

Our traditional karate school (dojois along the border of Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona (0.5 mile from Chandler). Call us at 480-294-1001 if you have questions about our martial arts (but we refuse to do business with telemarketers and politicians).

All karate, self-defense, kobudo & samurai arts classes are included in your monthly membership (no contracts, pay as you go at the beginning of each month). 

Stop by and meet our karate students who include college students, high school students, teachers, professors, retired military, pilots, nutritionists, accountants, computer techs, lawyers, librarians, physical trainers, secretaries, mothers, nurses, engineers, dentists, electricians, clergy, chemists, biologists, astrophysicists & geologists.


We rely on the honesty & integrity of our karate students to pay as they go. Monthly fees for martial arts are paid at the beginning of each month before one trains either by cash or by personal check only. We have no up-front fees - and do not take credit cards.

Private Classes 



One does not ask to test in karate! Your karate instructor will inform you when you are ready to test in martial arts. Our karate rank requirements can be reviewed on our Association's website. Testing fees pay for the operation of the Arizona Hombu dojo and your martial arts diploma.