Arizona Martial Arts Class Schedule and Fees


5:00-6:00 pm
 Private Class 
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 MA Clinics
6:30-7:30 pm
 Shorin-Ryu Kobudo & Samurai arts at Durfee
Dojo in Gilbert
(Kata self-defense applications) Randall dojo in Mesa
 Shorin-Ryu Karate Kata 
Randall dojo in Mesa
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Karate & other martial arts for adults & families. 

Our traditional school and Hombu closed on March 1st, 2021 due to a drop in student body because of the virus. We are now training at two private dojos belonging to Soke Hausel's students - one is located in Gilbert, Arizona and the other in Mesa, ArizonaCall us at 480-294-1001 for inquiries to join. We only accept adults & families. Families train together and include at a minimum of one adult and one focused chilled (8 and over).

All group karate, self-defense, kobudo & samurai arts classes are included in monthly membership (no contracts, pay as you go at the beginning of each month). 

Stop in & meet our members and watch a class. Our members include students, teachers, professors, military, accountants, computer techs, lawyers, physical trainers, secretaries, mothers, doctors, nurses, engineers, plumbers, handymen, clergy, chemists, biologists, astrophysicists, geologists, retired senior citizens, Snow Birds, etc.  


We rely on the honesty & integrity of our karate students to pay as they go. Monthly fees for martial arts are paid at the beginning of each month before one trains either by cash or by personal check only. We have no up-front fees - and do not take credit cards

Individual Group Class Fees: $100/month (allows you to attend all group classes). New members also receive two private lessons with Soke Hausel.

Private Classes: $60/class.

Family Fees: $125/month (includes 2 to 4 family members) children must be at least 8 years of age and focused. Children must train with a parent or guardian (no exceptions).



Your instructor will inform you when you are ready to test. Ranks include color-belt (kyu), and black belt (yudansha). 

The fee for all successful kyu tests is $20, which is paid prior to your receiving a certificate of rank.

The fee for successful yudansha (black belt) ranks ($150).