Samurai Arts - Combat Arts from Japan

"An experienced sensei (teacher) not only teaches, but also is a student of his/hers deshi (students)"  - Soke Hausel

SAMURAI ARTS at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate (aka Arizona Hombu dojo) include iaido (the way of the sword), hanbo (3-foot half-bo), naginata (halberd), sojutsu (yari or spear), bo (6-foot staff), tanto (knife), hojojutsu (restraining), kuboton (short stick), manrikigusari (weighted chain, rope & keychain), tsune (cane) & jujutsu.  These arts are rarely taught in schools in North America but students have the opportunity to train in these arts every week at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate (Arizona Hombu) along with Okinawan karate, kobudo and self-defense.

Sensei Paula, Japanese-American of Samurai Ancestry, at her home in Gilbert, is a Hall-of-Fame member of our dojo.