Samurai Arts - Combat Arts from Japan

"An experienced sensei (teacher) not only teaches, but also is a student of his/hers deshi (students)"  - Soke Hausel

SAMURAI ARTS at the Arizona School of Traditional Okinawa Martial Arts (aka Arizona Hombu dojo) include iaido (the way of the sword), hanbo (3-foot half-bo), naginata (halberd), sojutsu (yari or spear), bo (6-foot staff), tanto (knife), hojojutsu (restraining), kuboton (short stick), manrikigusari (weighted chain, rope & keychain), tsune (cane) & jujutsu.  

These arts are rarely taught in schools in North America but students have the opportunity to train in these arts every week along with Okinawan karate, kobudo and self-defense.

Sensei Paula, Japanese-American of Samurai Ancestry, roughs up one of our other black belts at 

the Arizona Hombu dojo in Mea.