Self-Defense & Bunkai - Self-defense against armed & unarmed attackers

"To win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the highest skill. To subdue an enemy without fighting is the highest skill" - Sun-Tzu

SELF-DEFENSE at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate focuses on traditions of Shorin-Ryu Karate by emphasizing ethics, moral values, self-esteem & self-confidence. We teach self-defense when all else fails. Check our our class schedule.

All persons, regardless of age should learn self-defense. While teaching at the University of Wyoming, one of Soke Hausel's students, a very respected professor, was in his late 70s when he began karate and had the fastest hands of all members in the dojo. Before moving to Wyoming, he lived under the socialist-communist regime in the Soviet Union who would not allow him to learn martial arts and controlled every aspect of his life. When finally granted permission to immigrate out of the USSR after being placed under house arrest for 6-years simply because he applied to immigrate out of the Soviet Union and ended up in Wyoming, he looked forward to learning karate at his advanced age - he turned out to be an extraordinary student and continued training into his 80s. We also had others with similar stories - a professor from Moscow who also applied to immigrate and was placed under house arrest for 6 years before being allowed to immigrate out of the USSR, and an East German who was shot at by guards as he swam across a border to freedom in West Germany.

After you start training, set goals to keep yourself in classes for the rest of your life - your health will benefit from physical exercise & training. We offer group classes in self-defense & traditional karate.

If you are a member of a sorority, women's association, church group, you should learn self defense! If you in law enforcement, you need self-defense. If you are a flight attendant you need self-defense! We offer self-defense Training for travelers, groups, airline associations, flight attendant associations, etc.

Don't wait until it's too late! Think of your family!

Our students train in pragmatic self-defense while learning to use maximum force but at the same time, limit contact and exercise control so injuries are rare. Along with powerful strikes, we train select members in body-hardening. Karate is more about learning respect one another and building self-confidence. 

SPECIAL CLINICS We offer special neighborhood self-defense clinics for adults. To set up your personal clinic, collect $40 from 8 or more friends and then schedule your clinic for the group (your fee is free!) either by cash or by check addressed to Seiyo Shorin-Ryu LLC.

Call us at 480-295-1001. This is an ideal clinic for housewives & their neighbors, or for church groups.